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Per, the Van Zandt surname refers to place of residence, either of Dutch origin, for someone from any of the places called Zandt in Gelderland, Friesland, South Holland or Zeeland; or of Belgian origin, for resident of Zande in Belgium.

However, in Cornelia's case, her ancestry is said to go back to one Wensel Michaels, born about 1600, in Xantene, Germany. Her maternal grandmother was Maria Waldron, and the Waldron line appears to trace back to English landholders in the early 1500's. Two generations of English Waldron men migrated to Holland and married Dutch women; their descendants later settled in New Amsterdam and New Jersey.

Date Location Notes Sources
Birth 15 May, 1746 (Somerville, Somerset,) NJ [3][14][W1][W2]
Marriage 12 May 1768 To Lucas Covert [3][13][14]
Death (Brady Twp.),Butler Co. PA. [3][W1][W2]

Ancestry chart segment

 Generation 7           Generation 8             Generation 9
                    +-- Lucas Covert  
                    |   (1741-1821)           
 Catherine Covert --+                        +-- Peter Praa Van Zandt    
 (1778->1850)       |                        |     
                    +-- Cornelia Van Zandt --+
                        (1746-????)          |
                                             +-- Sarah Willense
Sources: [2][3]


(11 children with Lucas Covert)[4]

Name Gender Date of Birth Birthplace Spouse Notes Sources
Garrett Covert M 15 Sep 1769 Sommerset, Sommerville, NJ Eleanor Black
(b. 1773 Edinburgh,Lawrence Co. PA)
d. 1850 Lawrence Co. PA ;
1 son Thomas Covert
Susanna Covert F 27 Nov 1772 NJ John Emery
(b.23 June 1768 in Lebanon, Hunterdon, NJ
m. 1789 in Plaingrove PA
d.Slippery Rock T., Mercer Co. PA )
died 1846 [W1][W2][W4][W5]
Magdaline Covert F 29 Nov 1775 NJ John Wigton
(b. 3 Apr 1763Doylestown,Bucks,PA
d. 1853 Slippery Rock, Butler Co PA
died 1849-50);
8 children
Morris Covert, Sr. M 22 Nov 1776 expect NJ Anna unknown (b.1782, eastern PA
d. 3 Apr 1841 Jackson, Butler Co. PA)
d.13 Jan 1839, Jackson T, Butler Co. PA;
12 children
Catherine Covert F 20 July 1778 NJ John Stoughton d. before 1850
expect Butler Co. PA
John VanZandt Covert M 11 Aug 1781 NJ Sarah Bennett (b. 1783
d. 19 Jan 1848 in PA)
d. 31 Dec 1873 in PA
6 children including Silas Covert
who m. Margaret Esther Moore
Barnet Covert F 8 Sept 1784 NJ [W1][W2][W4][W5]
Jacob Covert M 21/24 Sept 1787 NJ Mary Ann Cornelius
(b. 14 Jan 1788 in Nottingham, Chester Co. PA;
d.14 Feb 1876 Grove City, Mercer Co. PA)
d. 20 Sept 1869
Grove City, Mercer Co. PA
Mary Covert F 9 July 1789 expect NJ or Northumberland Co. PA William McNees
(b. 1786 at Black Lick,Indiana Co. PA:
d. 1856 Slippery Rock T. Butler Co. PA
d. 3 Nov 1826,
Slippery Rock T, Butler Co. PA
Sarah Covert F 27 Aug 1793 expect Northumberland Co. PA James Vogan
b. 27 Apr 1793 in PA
d. 13 Apr 1872 Worth Twp, Mercer Co PA
d. 10 Aug 1872
Worth Twp,Butler Co. PA
Unknown Covert  ? birth order unknown [4]

Places of Residence

Location Dates Notes Sources
Somerville, Somerset, NJ born1746 [W1][W2]
NJ until 1789 or 1790 [4][W1][W2]
Northumberland Co, PA by 1790 -1796 [1][4]
Coverts Run, near West Liberty, Slippery Rock Twp,
now Brady Twp, Butler Co, PA
until death

Photo Gallery

Children & Grandchildren of Lucas Covert and Cornelia Van Zandt are buried in the old upper portion, now abandoned, at Muddy Creek Cemetery, Butler Co. PA

Gravestones of John VanZandt Covert & Sarah Bennett:

Gravestone of John Covert, Old Muddy Creek Cemetery, Brady Twp., Butler Co. PA
Gravestone of Sarah, wife of John Covert, Old Muddy Creek Cemetery
Covert plot, upper abandoned section, Muddy Creek Cemetery

Gravestones of Silas Covert (son of John VanZandt Covert) & wife Margaret Esther Moore, & children Alfred P. and Cindarella:

Gravestone of Silas & Margaret Covert & children, Muddy Creek Cemetery
Gravestone Silas & Margt Covert 2.JPG
children of Silas & Margaret Covert: Alfred P. & Cindarella Covert


Ref. Num. Description Image of original
1 1790 U.S. Federal Census, Northumberland Co. PA, pg.5. Left column, line 7 lists family of Luke Coubert with 2 males over 16, 3 males under 16, and 5 females.
This suggests that Luke had 4 sons & 4 daughters by 1790. See source notes.
1790 census pa northumberland pg 5.jpg
2 Genealogical and personal history of western Pennsylvania, Vol. 3, Editor-in-chief: John W. Jordan.

Author: Jordan, John W. (John Woolf), 1840-1921. Pages 1272-1274.
From the Historic Pittsburgh Full Text Collection. Collection is searchable; policy prohibits reproduction of text.
Extract:Jane Stoughton was a daughter of John and Catherine (Covert) Stoughton, both born in Pennsylvania. Catherine Covert "was of Holland descent, her mother's maiden name being Van Zant, a family that had settled on Manhattan Island, New York.";cc=pitttext;q1=catherine%20covert;rgn=full%20text;idno=03aee8434m;didno=03aee8434m;view=image;seq=0247

3 Somerset County Genealogical Quarterly Volume 8, online at:
Luke Covert, born October 18, 1741 in Franklin Twp., Somerset, New Jersey; died 1821 in Butler Co., Pennsylvania. He was the son of Bergon (Bragon) Covert and Annetze Selover (Slover). He married Cornelia Van Zandt May 12, 1768. She was born May 15, 1746 in New Jersey, and died in Butler Co., PA. She was the daughter of Peter Praa Van Zandt and Sarah Willense.

4 1883 History of Butler County by Waterman, p. 363. "Among the first to take up land and make a home within the territory now known as Brady Township was Luke Covert, a Holland Dutchman, who had been a soldier in the American Army during the Revolution. He came from New Jersey to Northumberland County, and thence here. His family consisted of eleven children, of whom John Covert was the last survivor, and died in 1873, in his ninety-second year. John Covert married Sarah Bennett, and reared a family of eight children.
The Covert family moved from the East with horses and a wagon, cutting roads and making bridges as they came.
5 Gravestone transcription June 2006 by Elizabeth W Williams, Old Muddy Creek Cemetery, Clay Twp., Butler Co. PA.
  • "John Covert died Dec 31, 1873 aged 92 yrs & 5 mos."
    "Sarah wife of John Covert died (Aug) 19, 1848, age 67 years".
    These two stones are located centrally in the old upper cemetery at Muddy Creek. Next to them is a broken stone with only "Sarah J." legible, perhaps a daughter.
  • "Silas Covert died Nov 11, 1870 aged 59 yrs 6 mos & 18 da; Margaret Covert died Jan 13, 1853 aged 37 yrs 8 mos & 13 d.; (Other side of obelisk: Children of S. & M. Covert, Alfred P. died Jan 14, (1820?) aged 24 yr 2 mo & 8 da.; Cindarella died June (2 or 7), aged 24 yrs 2 mos; Sarah M.....(illegible without surface enhancement).
  • Minerva died (Dec) 2, 1818, 54 yrs 6 mos 9d ; John A. died Mar 20, 1852, aged 2 mos 2 d.; Nancy died Jan 23, 18(60) aged 2 __ yrs
    Note: this transcription, among the Covert transcriptions at Muddy Creek, fails to indicate whether one stone or three; no photo; possibly another side of the Silas Covert obelisk.
  • Govert/Covert, Sarah Wife of John Govert died (Aug)19, 1848, age 67 yrs.; John Govert/Covert died Dec 31, 1873 aged 92 yrs & 5 mos.
    Note: Lettering appears to read Govert; stone lies near other Covert graves.
6 Souvenir History of Slippery Rock, 1925, ed. Rev. Goerge S. Bowden, p. 23
"Brady township, once part of Slippery Rock, claims as its first settler, Luke Covert, who came in 1796..."
7 "Map of Butler County 1858 Reproduction", compiled by Violet M. Covert, from surveys of Chas. Dunlap, Hugh McKee, David Scott, Office of County Surveyor, The Court House, Butler, PA. c 2005, Mechling Bookbindery, Chicora PA. Pg. 13 Brady Township.
Present day Covert Road runs east from just SE of West Liberty toward present-day Rt. 8. Bordering this road on the north side is property of J. Covert. On the next road to the north, running straight east from West Liberty, lie one property of J. Covert and 2 properties of John Covert. Neighbors include Badger, J. Wick Henry Grossman, Wm. Stoughton, Douglass, H. H. McDeavitt..
8 Pennsylvania Atlas and Gazetteer, c 1990, DeLorem Mapping Company, pg. 43 & 57.
Covert Road runs east-west, just slightly southwest of West Liberty, Brady Twp., Butler Co. PA. Covert Rd. runs east to Staff Rd, which runs east to Old Route (parallel to present Rt. 8).
Note: Muddy Creek Church is on the old route. Turn north onto Rt. 8; entrance to Muddy Creek Cemetery is immediately on left).
9 1810 U.S. Federal Census Butler Co. Pa, Slippery Rock Twp, pg.1. Two Covert households on an alphabetized listing, neither with a male old enough to be Lucas Covert, but possibly his sons John & Jacob. Both first initials appear to be "J", but possibly "I", etc.
First household has 1 male age 10-15, 1 male 25-44, 1 female under 10, 1 female 25-44. Possibly household of John VanZandt Covert, age 29 in 1810.
Second household has 1 male age 16-25, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-25. Possibly household of Jacob Covert, age 23 in 1810.
10 1830 United States Federal Census, Slippery Rock Twp, Butler Co, PA, page 1.
  • John Covert family: 1 male age 5-10, 1 male age 10-15, 1 male age 15-20, 1 male age 40-50; 1 female age under 5, 2 females age 5-10, 1 female age 10-15, 1 female age 15-20, 1 female age 40-50.
  • Jacob Covert family: 1 male age under 5, 1 male age 5-10, 12 males age 10-15, 1 male age 15-20, 1 male age 40-50; 1 female age under 5, 1 female age 5-10, 1 female age 10-15, 2 females age 15-20, 1 female age 40-50.
  • Also in their neighborhood were the families of James Hoge, James I Hoge, James & John McDavitt, 4 Cornelius families;and Robert McCandless with 2 males under age 5, 1 male & 1 female age 20-30.
1830 census pa butler slippery rock pg 1.jpg
11 1840 United States Federal Census, Slipperyrock Twp, Butler Co, Pa, page 1. Family of Col. John Covert:2 male 15-20, 1 male 50-60, 2 females 10-15, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 50-60. This corresponds to John Covert, son of Lucas Covert (along with John's wife Sarah Bennett).
Also on the page (and close by) are Jacob Covert: 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 50-60.
Also, Perry Covert: 1 male <5, 1 male 20-30, 1 female <5, 1 female 20-30; probably a grandchild of Lucas. Also of note on the page is Richard Hines.
1840 census pa butler slippery rock pg. 1.jpg
12 1850 United States Federal Census, Slippery Rock Twp., Butler Co. PA, pg. 35. Undated.
Lines 6-11: John Wigdon age 88, farmer, $1500 estate; Magdalena age 78; Sarah age 40; Covert age 33; Phebe H. age 25; Robert Logan age 52. All born in PA.
Note: Robert Logan is living with his wife Euphamia Stoughton's aunt & uncle. Her mother Catherine Covert and Magdalena Covert (Wigdo were sisters, daughters of Lucas Covert.
1850 census pa butler slippery rock pg 35.jpg
13 Bassett's Notes on Coverts, ed. by Leslie A. Bryan 1957; copy at MN Hist. Soc. Library, St. Paul MN extracted 2008 by Elizabeth Wilson Williams>
  • Derivation of Covert name; probably French Huguenot
  • Teunis Janse Covert & wife Barbara Lucas immigrated 1651 from Heemstede, North Holland. Their 8 children included Hans (John) Teunnise Covert, born in Brooklyn, married Jannetie/Jannitze Brokaw. Eight children of Hans Teunnise Covert & Jannitze Brokaw included Bragon Covert, bapt. in Brooklyn, m. Anna Slover of Fordham Manor. Their 8 children included Lucas Covert, bapt. at Somerville, married Cornelia Van Zandt.
14 Obituary of Dr. John W. Covert, great grandson of Cornelia Van Zandt; New Castle News, Monday 19 May 1913. From contributor A. Fix
Dr. John W. Covert died Saturday (17 May 1913) of heart disease. He was born 18 July 1837 at Covert's Station, the youngest son of William Covert & Prudence Mayberry, who had 6 children. William Covert was the 2nd son of "Garre H." (sic/Garrett) Covert and Eleanor Black. (Garrett) was the oldest son of Luke Covert and Cornelia Van Zandt, she born 16 May 1746, married 12 May 1768. His ancestors came to this country from Holland and settled in Brooklyn. Dr. Covert enlisted in the Roundhead regiment, 100th PA volunteers, & when discharged, re-enlisted and served honorably to end of Civil War. He attended Cleveland Medical college, graduated from school of homeopathy in 1879, beginning practice in New Castle same year. First wife was Mary Young, daughter of David Young; married 3 July 1862; she died 15 years ago (i.e. ~1898). Second wife was Clare Beckwith who survived him. No children by either marriage, but survived by Cora Rhodes of Chicago, who was brought up in his home. Member First M. E. Church. Funeral Tue. (i.e. 20 May 1913) at his home, Dr. N. H. Holmes of Wash. D. C., formerly pastor of First M. C. church officiating, with Dr. J. H. Clemens. Interment Oak Park cemetery.
Dr John W Covert Obit, source & date.jpg

Dr John W Covert Obit text .jpg


Some of the information on this page was found on websites presented by researchers who have either not listed their sources or employ the circular logic of citing additional undocumented websites.
These web site sources are listed separately below, in a table following our standard source table. The attribution number for these web sources is preceded by a "W".
We frequently find conflicting information on the web family trees. We offer the un-sourced information on this page as a starting point for further research only, and discourage its inclusion on additional posted websites or in other reproduced material without either further documentation or a disclaimer.

Web Sites - Documentation Not Given

Ref. Num. Description Extract
W1 Descendants of Maria Waldron by Stephen L. Flanagan posted Mar. 20, 2001 on GenForum, (Covert Forum). Five generations including a Rose Anne Covert, the great-grandmother of the author. Beyond implied family knowledge, no sources listed.
Lucas Covert born 15 Sept, 1741 in Somerville, NJ; died 1821 in Brady Twp., PA; married Cornelia Van Zandt. She was born 15 May, 1746 in NJ; died in Butler Co. PA. Their children:
*Garret Covert b. 15 Sept 1769 in NJ; married Eleanor Black (lists 7 children)
*Ann Covert b. 27 Nov 1772 in NJ; d. 1846; married John Emery
*Magdaline Covert b. 29 Nov 1775 in NJ; d. 1850 Butler Co. PA;
*Catherine Covert b. 20 July 1778 in NJ; d. bef. 1850 in prob. Butler Co. PA; married John Stoughton
*John VanZandt Covert b. 11 Aug 1781 in NJ; d. 1873; married Sarah Bennett
*Barnet Covert b. 8 Sep 1784 NJ
*Jacob Covert b. 21 Sep 1787 NJ; d. 20 Sep 1869, Grove City PA; married Mary Ann Cornelius (14 Jan 1788-14 Feb 1876)(lists 12 children).
*Mary Covert b. 9 July 1789 NJ; married William McNees
*Sarah Covert b. 27 Aug 1793 NJ; d. 10 Aug 1872, Worth Twp. Butler Co. PA.
(See full text)
W2 McGinnis Family Tree by Gloria Charles 67, on Family Trees. Unsourced.
Silas Covert was the youngest son of John VanZandt Covert & Sarah Bennett, and a grandson of Lucas Covert. Silas Covert married Margaret Esther Moore (1817-1893)
NOTE: This website lists (erroneously we believe) the husband of Catherine Covert to be John Walker Stoughton, son of Jonathan Stoughton etc. This Stoughton line is traced back a long way but, unfortunately, it is not ours. This version has been copied to a variety of websites, which unfortunately seems to lend it veracity. The father of our John Stoughton is William Stoughton, where the line currently ends. This raises the question of to what extent the list of children on this site is an amalgam of children of Catharine Covert & John Stoughton, with children of (another Catharine Covert?) and John Walker Stoughton. Eight children are listed and appear to conform to what we know of the children of John Stoughton & Catharine Covert, with these exceptions: 1)John Bernard Stoughton is an old error that combined John Stoughton and Bernard Stoughton arising from poor punctuation/legibility of the will of their father; 2) Bernard's middle name is VanZandt, so the initial is "V", not "W".
W3 Wigton & Smith surnames by J E Albin, on messageboard.
"My g-grandmother was Aryadnie Wigton Albin. She came with her parents Edward D. & Hannah Smith Wigton to Cooper Co, MO from Butler Co, PA between 1865 & 1870. Edward was the son of John Wigton II and Rachel Tawneyhill. Hannah was a sister of Rebecca Ann Smith and their parents were Dan Smith and Rebecca Boston. John Campbell Wigton was the son of William Wigton & Margaret Campbell. William & John II were brothers (also James, and four sisters). Their parents were John Wigton I and Magdalen Covert daughter of Luke and Cornelia Van Zandt Covert. Luke's parents were Bergon & Annetze Selover Covert. Cornelia was the granddaughter of Resolved Waldren, an original patentee in 1666 of the Harlem Commons City, NY. John I was the grandson of John Wigton who came from Scotland on "The Cow" ship in 1725 with brothers, Samuel & William. John was b. 1700 & d. 1801 in Bucks Co, PA where he was a early settler in Doylestown. He is buried with his wife Isabel in the Deep Run Presbytarian Cemetery (also called "God's Acre)."

W4 Rootsweb:PA Butler, from contributor to this site, Susan McMorrine, at:
Children of Luke Covert & Cornelia Van Zandt are:
  • Garret Covert b. 15 Sept 1769
  • Susanna (Anne) Covert b. 27 Nov 1772
  • Magdalena Covert b. 29 Nov 1775; d. ~1850 Butler Co. PA
  • Catherine Covert b. 20 July 1778; m. John Stoughton.
  • John Covert b. 11 Aug 1781, NJ; d. 1873; m. Sarah Bennett.
  • Barnet Covert b. 8 Sept 1784
  • Jacob Covert, Sr. b. 21 Sept 1787 NJ; d. 20 Sept 1869, Butler Co. PA.
W5 The Covert Family of Lancaster N.Y., owner Robert Thornton Covert, on at
Pg. 7 & 8 - Lucas Covert & Cornelia Van Zandt. Their children: Garret Covert 1769; Ann Covert 1772; Magdalene Covert 1775; Catherine Covert 1778; John Covert 1781; Barnet Covert 1784; Jacob Covert 1787; Mary Covert 1789; Sarah Covert 1793.

We have listed their information regarding our direct line ancestors at Excerpt - Descendants of Theunis Janzsen Covert.

W6 My Family Website on, owner Debbie Harrison; see at:
For extract of data on our direct line, see "My Family" by Debbie Harrison on No sources listed.
Lucas Covert (b.15 Sep 1741 in Raritan, Somerset Co. NJ; d.1821 in Brady Twp, Butler Co. PA)
married to Cornelia Van Zandt (b.15 May 1746 in NJ; d. Butler Co. PA). Their 9 children:

  • 1. Jacob COVERT b: 21 Sep 1787 in NJ; lists descendants
  • 2. Garrett COVERT b: 15 Sep 1769 in NJ
  • 3. Ann COVERT b: 27 Nov 1772 in NJ
  • 4. Magdaline COVERT b: 29 Nov 1775 in NJ
  • 5. Catherine COVERT b: 20 Jul 1778
  • 6. John VanZandt COVERT b: 11 Aug 1781 in NJ
  • 7. Barnet COVERT b: 8 Sep 1784 in NJ
  • 8. Mary COVERT b: 9 Jul 1789 in NJ
  • 9. Sarah COVERT b: 27 Aug 1793 in NJ

Source notes

  • The 1883 History of Butler County calls Lucas Covert a "Holland Dutchman", possibly referring not to his place of birth but to his Dutch heritage, as opposed to being German "Deutsch". The later 1895 History apparently quotes this earlier source, but expanding on his Revolutionary War record to say that he was a Hessian who became attached to the American cause in NJ. All other sources, however, place Lucas Covert as born in Somerville NJ, and his ancestors as having been in NJ or New Amsterdam area for two generations before him. His grandfather, Hans Teunise Covert, born in Heemstedt, Holland in 1657, was the immigrant. From the name spelling "Hans", and from his wife Jannetje Brokaw having been born in Mannheim, Germany, we assume Hans Tuenise Covert migrated first to Germany, then to America where his children are born in Brooklyn, then Long Island NY, and by 1709 in Somerset, New Jersey.
  • The curious tradition of Lucas Covert having been a Hessian soldier could possibly be explained if he did in fact begin his Revolutionary War fighting on the side of the British, as many colonists did, and at some point, whether from being taken prisoner or otherwise as the war progressed, changed his allegiance to the cause of the revolutionaries.
  • 1790 census, Northumberland Co. PA corresponds to (2 males over 16):Lucas Covert age 49, son Garret age 21; (3 males under 16): sons John 9, Barnet 6, & Jacob 3; (5 females): Cornelia VanZandt Covert age 44, daughters Ann 18, Magdalene 15, Catharine 12, & Mary age 1. This source agrees with the 1883 History of Butler Co. PA in placing the Luke Covert family in Northumberland Co. before settling in Butler Co. PA.
  • Per source W-2, The McGinnis Family Tree, the death dates for Sarah Covert & husband James Vogan are 4 months apart, both dying in Worth Twp.; Sarah is listed as dying in Worth Twp., Butler Co. PA, and James Vogan as dying in Worth Twp., Mercer Co. PA. This may be a copying error, although both counties do have a Worth Township.


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